4 Essential Gadgets Every Gardener Needs

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4 Essential Gadgets Every Gardener Needs

As summer looms, now is the time to put your best foot forward and get gardening. If you are new to gardening, it is important that you take your first steps in the right direction. Believe it or not, the decisions you make now, can have a massive impact on your garden later on in the year.

So what’s the best way to ensure you get everything you want out of your garden this year? It might sound a little odd, but the key to gardening success could lie in the gadgets, you have. That’s right, as well as having gadgets for the home and office, there are now many amazing gadgets that have been specially designed for the garden.

To help you make a success of your garden this summer, we have put together a list of essential tech gadgets that every gardener needs. These aren’t just any gadgets; these are gadgets that can help you by analyzing, monitoring and even tending to your plants. How amazing is that?

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  1. Smartphone

One of the top gadgets a gardener can have is a smartphone. With so many different gardening apps available, there is pretty much something suitable for your every gardening need. Has a new weed got you stumped? Unsure about the health of your potatoes? There’s an app for that.

One of the best smartphone gardening apps is the Gardener’s Handbook app, which, unfortunately, is only available on Android at the moment. This app is full of all sorts of useful gardening tips and advice, as well as landscaping ideas and lots of other useful bits and bobs.

  1. Flower pot monitor

If you are a little forgetful and often forget which plants needs what, then a flower pot monitor is perfect for you.

An ingenious gadget, the flower pot monitor, is amazing. All you need to do is pop it into a plant pot or in the soil with your vegetables, and it will give you lots of useful information about what your plant needs.

One of the best flower pot monitors on the market is the Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor. It can monitor everything from your plants temperature and moisture to its light and fertilizer levels. The best bit about this device is that the information it collects is sent automatically to your smartphone or tablet for you to read.

  1. Grow lights

If you want to increase the growth rate of a plant in your garden, grow lights are what you need. They offer you a chemical-free options for increasing the growth rate of plants, herbs and vegetables and are incredibly effective.

There are various grow lights on the market, but one of the best are the HydroGrow LED lights. They aren’t too expensive to buy, work well and last for a long time, plus they have fantastic results and are easy to use.

  1. Garden cam

If you love the idea of watching your garden grow, then a garden cam is a must have for you. You can even use your Garden cam to check out what bugs and insects are eating your garden and causing your plants and vegetables not to grow.

The best thing about garden cams is that many of them can be set to time lapse mode, so show you your plants growing in a quick snapshot. All you need to do is pop the camera in your garden, and you can watch your vegetables, herbs and flowers grow.

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