Advantages Of Tapes As An Effective Data Backup Solution

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Advantages Of Tapes As An Effective Data Backup Solution

There are many ways for a company to back up their important data including flash drives, hard disks and CD-ROMS. However tapes known also as Backup Tapes are one of the most popular Data Backup Media used by companies. This is because there are certain advantages of such storage devices that make them quite appealing as a Data Backup Solution.
First of all data can only be stored sequentially on to a tape however this gives rise to superior data transfer speeds. Thus this apparent disadvantage is turned into an advantage. The latest devices are now coming with transfer rates as fast as 160MB/s.

Another big advantage of tapes is the large amounts of storage capacity that they provide. The latest tapes possess data storage capacity in the terabyte range. As an example the LTO-6 tape released in 2012 contains an uncompressed storage capacity of 2.5TB. Thus even a single device can be sufficient for the archival and backup needs of a company.

Another advantage of tapes is the superior compression capability they provide. The compression ratio for a tape is usually 2:1 thus providing the option of storing double the data as long as it is compressed. In fact the LTO-6 Backup Tape provides a compression ratio of 2.5:1 making the total compressed data you can store as large as 6.25TB.

Cost is always an issue for any company but such devices can be cheaper than other forms of storage devices, if you consider the large amounts of storage capacity and transfer rate they provide. Many companies, especially small businesses can benefit from the cost efficiency of these devices as they provide a lower cost per amount of data. This saves a significant amount of investment for a company that can be utilised elsewhere.

These devices are also easy to use as they come with a tape library system. This system makes it easier for a company to manage and organise their data. The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) for the LTO Ultrium 5 and LTO Ultrium 6 is an example. It makes storage easier as the data can be stored just like you could with any USB or flash drive.

Data Storage Tapes generally possess a large archival life and are made robust and durable so that they resist damage. This makes them ideal for a company that is need for a long term data backup solution.

Security is a major concern for any company and as such these devices especially the new versions come with good security and encryption capabilities. As an example the LTO Backup Tape after the 3rd generation all comes with a W.O.R.M (Write Once Read Many) feature. This is to ensure that the data is not accidentally overwritten.

In conclusion tapes are an efficient backup media for companies due to their large storage capacity, fast transfer rates, cost efficiency, long archival life and good security. Also since these storage devices are still being developed further with new versions with better transfer speeds and storage capacity coming out every few years, it is safe to say that these backup tapes will remain a popular data backup solution in the coming years.

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