Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need For A Home Cinema

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Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need For A Home Cinema

Do you dream of having the perfect home theatre installation, but are unsure where to start? Then read on. We’re going to talk you through everything you need to get to bring that perfect cinematic experience straight into your home. So, get comfortable, prepare to flex your credit card, and let’s dive straight in.

A screen to watch

The centrepiece of any home cinema is, of course, the screen. Now, it’s worth having a good think about your TV. Is it really good enough for the perfect home cinema setup? Older sets may well do the job, but make sure you have enough HDMI ports in the back so that you can plug everything else in. If you want to upgrade, it’s worth having a good look around and spending some time thinking about your options.

While the latest 4K technology might give you an incredible picture, it will come at a price. And it that’s going to leave you short for all of your other gear, then an alternative might be sensible. And there is plenty out there – take a look at these BenQ projectors, as an example. They are cheaper than a TV set and won’t be as imposing on your living room.



Speakers for sound

Audio is one of the things that brings the movie theatre to life, yet it is often overlooked by beginners when it comes to home cinema. They often feel that a good picture is all that’s needed, but they are missing out on a lot. Movie soundtracks and effects are mixed for HD sound, and you certainly don’t get that out of your TV.

You’ll need to invest in some great speakers, a boom box for some rumbling bass, and you’ll also need to position them correctly. Get that right, and you will experience whatever you are watching exactly as the makers wanted you to. Need help setting up? There’s an excellent guide over at, who are audio specialists when it comes to home cinema.



A receiver

Now, with the visuals and sound ready to go, you need something to tie everything together. You will have various sources for content that you use – your Blu-ray player, TV box, or games console, for example.

To get the best experience, you need a hub to bring them all together and act as a receiver. This will send the pictures to your TV, and the sound to your speakers, and is vital to give you the best experience your money can buy. have a brilliant guide, so take a look at that before you go shopping.




If the receiver is the beating heart of your home cinema, then the cables are the veins and arteries. It’s a good idea to have a lot of cable for your gear, and some put aside in the event that one of them breaks. You will likely need HDMI, composite video and component video. If you have older gear, you may even need some SCART leads.

When it comes to HDMI, don’t be fooled by expensive cable makers who claim it will improve your picture. It won’t. HDMI uses a digital signal, so it is either on, or off. However, the expensive cables tend to be more durable than their cheaper counterparts – and will last you longer.

Well, that’s everything you need to start off your first home cinema. Enjoy setting up, and feel free to fire us any questions.




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