Can Your Smartphone Help You To Better Plan Your Car Journeys?

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Can Your Smartphone Help You To Better Plan Your Car Journeys?

The smartphone is such a wonderful invention! They are essentially a hybrid mix of mobile phones and portable computers, and many smartphones sold these days have a much-better specification than a lot of desktop computer systems used today!

We all rely on our smartphones to perform a variety of functions, whether they be to call and text people, send and receive emails, and even keep in touch with family members and friends using the various popular social networking services.

But when we are out on the road in our cars, could smartphones help us to better plan our journeys, or should we just dismiss the idea and stick to traditional paper-based maps like in the photograph above?

You might not realise this, but smartphones are actually a great way of helping us plan important road trips, and here’s why.

They save time

Back in the day when satellite navigation devices were quite expensive and people mainly relied on the good old paper map, I seem to remember that whenever I had to travel to a new town or city by car that I have never been to before, I would often have to pull over and check that I was still driving on the correct roads.

I am certainly not the only person that did this, and this represented a significant amount of time off the road; after all, you can’t just drive and read a map simultaneously for the obvious safety reasons!

They are up-to-date

But another and perhaps more-profound issue with these traditional forms of navigation is that they would quickly get out of date. For example, a map of the UK that I had was about two years out of date and one particular road that I needed to drive on didn’t exist anymore!

They lower your blood pressure

Metaphorically-speaking, of course! What I am trying to say is that you will have a less-stressful time out on the road by using your smartphone to direct you to your destination quickly, safely and with the least amount of fuel consumption.

This is because you can plot your route to avoid road tolls, traffic jams and even certain types of road.

You can create your journeys at home

One of the most-popular ways for people in 2014 to plan their journeys is to use Google Maps. But what you might not know is that you can create your journey on your computer at home, and then easily pull up those details on your smartphone!

Jane from tells me that all you need to do is create a free Google account, sign into it, create your route and then open up the Google Maps app on your smartphone. The clever thing here is that when you sign into your Google account on your mobile device, it will “remember” the journeys that you have searched for previously on other devices (i.e. your computer).

It also offers spoken turn directions too, so you can basically use your Apple iPhone or Android-based smartphone as a free satellite navigation device!



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