Check Out These Simple Office Hacks

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Check Out These Simple Office Hacks

Working 9 to 5 in an office can be a bit of a trial. The dull hum of the copier, the lazy bubbling of the coffee machine, the grossly comfortable swivel chairs. Anything to improve the situation would come as a welcome tonic the sometimes tedious sentence of office life.

So we’re here to give you a number of office hacks in the form of handy websites and applications. With these little tools, your day might just get a bit easier.


Flux is a free tool that changes the brightness settings of your computer according to the time of day or night. It might sound strange, but it is incredibly useful for preventing your eyes from straining, which can cause all manner of discomfort in posture and general health. As a cool added feature, it lets you disable the app temporarily in case you want to undertake colour sensitive graphics work or watch a film. And it’s completely free!

Spoon is a cool little page that lets you launch applications online which would normally need to be downloaded and installed. It saves you time and bother, and also lets you keep your PC running fast without being bloated by excess software. It runs a variety of extremely popular programs, including stuff like Skype, and best of all it’s also free!


VPNs, or virtual private networks, are tools that give you greater security whilst surfing the web. By using a VPN you can work from a cafe, library or even from home without having to worry about security issues. A service like this will cost you a bit of money, although there are reasonable ones starting at just a few pounds a month. It’s never worth signing up for a free one as they are notoriously useless and give a false sense of security.


JSTOR is one of the academic article sites you probably used in university. Many universities are adding membership to their alumni packages, meaning that you can access it even after your days of panicking before exams are over. It can be useful in the office, providing academic and historical backing for your arguments or proposals. But it is also a surprisingly compelling timewaster. It’s well worth checking to see if your university has signed you up.

Real Phone Lookup

This is a more practical tool. It allows you to look up numbers by area codes, time zones and a number of other categories. It can give you the details of an area code, which can be handy as a simple directory or as a more complex tool for assessing demographics. This one will save you hours.


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Khan Academy

This is for you if you want to improve yourself in your lunch break. If you’re fed up of reading about the same stuff, or if you want to work towards a foundational qualification in another field, this is a great tool. It is essentially an open source teaching website, with lessons on loads of subjects.

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