Easy Computer Fixes You Can Do

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Easy Computer Fixes You Can Do

Technology is our friend. Well, most of the time. Let’s be honest. It is a wonderful gift that just keeps giving. For example, did you know that you can use tech to run a business remotely? Or, how about the fact that now you can use an app rather than credit cards. Yes, tech is reaching incredible new levels of being awesome. However, it can also go very wrong, and that is completely apparent when examining computers. They can develop very serious issues, but there are simple ways to fix most of them. We are going to run few a couple right now.

Faster, Better, Stronger

Is your computer mouse lagging? Does logging on take forever? It sounds like you have a problem with your computer’s processing speed. You could spend a lot of money on a new machine. But why bother? This is an easy fix. First, you need to update your computer or Mac and make sure it is running the latest version of its software. To do this, enter your control panel and check for updates. If you have not updated in a while this may take a little time so do not worry. After that is complete, your computer is probably still running slower than usual.

Next, we are going to look at how much of your hard drive you are using. Chances are you are using too much. If you want an ideal capacity, then we do not recommend using more than sixty percent of your computer hard drive. This means you should not be using it to store big video files. Instead, buy an external hard drive. You can get a decent size 1TB hard drive for around sixty pounds.

Or you can think about using cloud software. Cloud software is a way of storing your files digitally. It will save space, and as long as you have an internet connection you will have access. Research different cloud software online and find the best one that suits you. Some will be more expensive than others. Now you have cleaned out your hard drive, is your computer still running slowly? If you have a Mac, it may now be time to research a Mac repair company online.

However, you can also try a disk clean up. A disk cleanup will consolidate any files that were left over after you tidied your hard drive. If left unattended files on your computer tend to stretch out and take more space than necessary. A disk cleanup puts them back in their place. You can search “Disk Clean” in your search window. It usually takes about an hour to complete.

Your computer should be running smoothly now. If it is not this points to a more serious problem. Look at your desktop. Are there any files you do not remember downloading? They probably have weird and wonderful names with colorful imagery. Go into your control panel. Click on Programs and Uninstall a Program. Find the desktop file in the list of programs and remove it. It is probably a virus or at the very least something that you do not need.

If you are still having difficulty, then you need to speak to a professional. However, we hope this advice has helped you improve your computer.


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