Essential Apps for Your New Mac

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Essential Apps for Your New Mac

So, you’ve just bought your first Mac. Perhaps you’re switching over from using a PC, or maybe it’s your first computer after leaving home. Either way, you now have a blank slate to work with that’s ready to be filled up with all the essential software. But what do you need to get the most out of your system? Whether you want to set up your Mac to be an entertainment centre or you need it to help you be productive, there are hundreds of apps that could set you up for your purpose. From note-takers and browsers to music and video players, you can find apps to do anything you need them to for your new Mac.

Keep it Clean

Some of the most valuable pieces of software you can install on your Mac are tools to keep your system clean. Your Mac can get weighed down by lots of junk files that you don’t need. And this junk can slow down your computer’s overall performance. Apps that will clean up your system for you include CleanMyMac and MacKeeper. Many people look at apps such as MacKeeper and struggle to find out one thing: how much does MacKeeper cost? Although the trial is free, the full tool costs between $40 and $60.


One of the essentials for getting the most out of your new Mac is an efficient and pleasant experience on the internet. Starting with a good browser, you can make sure your internet use is fast and easy. If you want to match up your Apple products and have iCloud available to your through your browser, stick with Safari. However, many people prefer to use Google Chrome and view it as a superior browser. It’s available to use across different platforms, so it’s easy to sync bookmarks on your phone, computer and tablet, even if they’re not all Apple products. When it comes to email, some people prefer to use webmail, but a desktop client can have its advantages. It’s useful if you have more than one email account and can help you keep your emails organized. Try using Airmail, which has support for Gmail and iCloud accounts and integrates well with other productivity tools.

Music and Videos

Macs are great for watching videos and listening to music, but you need apps that do these things well. You can use Apple’s product, Quicktime, for watching videos, but the VLC player will play anything you ask it to as soon as it’s installed. It also has video conversation, playlist support and good audio playback. If you want to rip DVDs, you’ll also need a tool like Handbrake, which also converts media files.

Your Mac will come preloaded with iTunes but whether you use it or not, you could also benefit from a streaming service. Apps like Spotify and Google Play Music will give you a huge range of music to listen to so you have a wider music library at your fingertips. If you don’t like iTunes, try an alternative player like Enqueue or Vox.


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