How Large Scale Data Storage Works

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How Large Scale Data Storage Works

Any large computer system requires maintenance and measures to keep it active and optimal in terms of performance. It can often be hard to understand how it all works in practice. Read on to find out how it all works and stays running smoothly at all times.


The biggest concern for big data storage companies is security. People trust them with their data, so it’s vital that this data is kept safe and secure at all times. Security starts with the building that the companies operate in. The buildings used are usually very sturdy and difficult to break into.

If the building didn’t use the right security systems for gaining access to it, people would be able to get in and potentially steal data. Security is also important when it comes to gaining access to the rooms in the building where the servers and memory hard drives are stored. Only certain employees will be able to get close to them.

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Controlling access is not something that happens by itself though. There are very complicated technologies and processes in place to make sure that only certain people can access certain rooms. First of all, There will be a card access system that allows people into a room. If you don’t have the right card, you won’t get in.

There will then be separate entry points for technicians who need to do work directly on the servers and storage systems. Some companies will put extra measures in place, such as biometric scans. These include fingerprint or iris scanners that let authorised individuals into a particular room.


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When all the component parts of the storage system are in use, they generate a lot of heat. With so many electrical components operating at the same time, this is not much of a surprise. But it can be dealt with and stopped from becoming a problem by using one of the latest cooling systems.

This is necessary because if this doesn’t happen, the components could fail and that causes havoc. That’s a worst case scenario. But even the best case scenario regarding overheating is a drop in performance, speed and efficiency. So, many companies use Adiabatic Data Centre Cooling to keep efficiency as high as it possibly can be.


Power is a major point of importance for large-scale data storage. The power needs to be strong and consistent enough to keep everything running day and night. This takes a lot of power, and most companies use on-site generators to help make sure that they have all the power necessary.

These generators can provide extra power whenever the company needs it. And they can also be used as a backup if there is a power outage. A power outage can be devastating for a data storage company if there is not a reliable backup source of power that can jump into action instantly. Many of these generators run on diesel so that they can be kept independent of the mains supply.


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