How to Make Your Company an Online Hit in No Time

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How to Make Your Company an Online Hit in No Time

Making your business’s presence felt online sounds so simple in theory, but a lot of business owners find it much more difficult in reality. You can throw around words and phrases like ‘SEO’ and ‘responsive web design’, but unless you know how to use and harness their powers, you’re wasting your time.

It’s about making sure your knowledge and ideas about how your company should be perceived online are translated effectively into reality. That doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work though; the business’s with the best online identities tend to keep it simple and not overthink things too much.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s easier said than done, right? That’s true, and that’s why we’ve prepared this in-depth, easy to follow guide to help you make your company an online success. You won’t have to spend vast amounts of money or time to get there either, read on to find out more.


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Evaluate Your Online Presence Objectively

You’ve got to be honest with yourself if you’re going to have any chance of making your business an online hit. Start off by visiting your website’s homepage. And then adopt the mentality of an objective customer who has never visited your website before nor heard of your business. If anything strikes you as complicated or confusing, you have problems.

Every person who lands on your website should be made instantly aware of what your company does and how they can interact with you and buy your products or services. Once you have an objective evaluation of how your website, and the other aspects of your online presence, come across to people, you can start to think about making changes.

Get Feedback and Take Action

The best thing about the internet for businesses can also be a bad thing. Everyone will be willing to tell you what they think about your business, and they won’t be backward in coming forward. If they have a problem with your company or something about your online identity has annoyed them, you’ll know about it pretty quickly.

This kind of instant feedback offered by social media can be very useful, but try not to take the outright abuse to heart. You will need to get other forms of feedback. You could give people discount vouchers if they agree to fill out a survey for you. The feedback you get will help you see what needs changing. And don’t ignore the feedback. If trends start to appear in what people are telling you, the chances are they’re right, so take action.

Use Responsive Web Design

Your website will need to be the central focus for all your online operations. So, if your website isn’t up to scratch, you need to rectify it immediately. The first thing to do is improve speed and make it easy to navigate. This can be as simple as getting a new design and using new servers.

Don’t forget the importance of using a responsive web design though. If you’ve never heard of responsive web design, it’s the process of making your website mobile-friendly. Desktop computers are no longer the only devices used to access your website, more and more people use their smartphones and tablets nowadays. Don’t neglect these users, they’re all potential customers!

Make an App

As I’ve already mentioned, mobile technology is where it’s at right now. So, with that in mind, you might want to think about creating a mobile application (or app) for your business. This is a particularly good idea if you’re selling products as it will allow people to browse your shop with ease on their mobile device.

If you’re computer illiterate, you probably won’t be able to undertake this task alone. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile app developers that can offer their services. Make sure you give them a clear vision of what you want the app to do though.


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Become a Presence in Industry Networks

You have to be seen and heard online to improve your online identity. It’s no use targeting the wrong kinds of people though, make sure you seek out circles and networks online that are relevant to your particular industry.

One great way of doing this is by creating a blog. If you create written content that appeals to your target customers, you’ll have new people taking an interest in the products and services you offer. If the content is of a high quality, you’ll also develop a reputation for knowing what you’re talking about, which can only be a good thing.

Add Interesting Content

Writing blog posts isn’t the only way of getting people interested in your content though. There are many more imaginative and interesting ways of making appealing content that will drive up the traffic to your website.

One of the best is creating video content. You can post the videos on your website and share them on YouTube or Vimeo, spreading the link on your social media accounts. Don’t just stand in front of the camera and talk though. Offer something interesting and make sure you exude enthusiasm and confidence in your delivery.

Adopt a Unique Style

Your online tone and style should be both unique and consistent. Take the time to consider what kind of tone and style is best suited to your brand image. And then once the tone has been decided upon, stick to it religiously. It will look very messy if you are chatty and casual in tone on your website but sound very serious and full of jargon on your social media posts.

This can be a long-winded process and may take a lot of time before you manage to strike the right balance and find the perfect fit for your brand. Just be aware of it and keep working on it until you decide what’s best.

If you follow these simple tips and ideas, you should see an improvement before you know it. In future, keep up to date with the latest developments in the online marketing and branding world, so you’re always a step ahead of the competition!


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