Own A Car? Here’s Why You Need An Apple iPhone 5S In Your Life!

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Own A Car? Here’s Why You Need An Apple iPhone 5S In Your Life!

Owning a car and a smartphone usually means that you are a person that needs to get from A to B in comfort whilst having a powerful mobile device that you can use to effectively communicate to the outside world with. Whilst the market share for smartphone ownership is largely in the domain of Android-based devices, an increasingly popular choice for motorists is the Apple iPhone 5S.

It is common knowledge that the iPhone is one of Apple’s biggest moneymakers in the 21st century and is used by people on both a personal and business level; something that competitors such as BlackBerry and Nokia (now under Microsoft ownership) have tried so many times to do but have failed miserably.

But did you know that the Apple iPhone 5S has become an important tool that is used by motorists in their cars today? If you own a car and you haven’t got one of these sleek and powerful smartphones, here are some reasons why you need to go out and buy one today!

Satellite navigation

Traditionally people would have to use separate satellite navigation devices in their cars to help them drive to unfamiliar destinations quickly and safely. But here’s the thing: motorists don’t need to do this anymore!

In case you are suggesting that everyone reverts back to using outdated paper maps which are confusing to read – don’t worry, I’m not! Instead of having a separate satellite navigation device, you can use the power of the Apple iPhone 5S to do its job instead!

This clever smartphone has GPS built into it, and because of its size it can be used in landscape mode with any satellite navigation app of your choosing (even the free Google Maps app)!


In case you are not familiar with it, CarPlay is the name given to Apple’s technology which will be installed in a number of brand new cars going forward as standard. It’s a pretty exciting development from the Cupertino company, because it means that motorists will be able to better integrate their iPhones with their cars.

According to Thames Motor Group, the Apple CarPlay system makes extensive use of the iPhone 5S’s Siri voice-activated system in a number of ways, such as:

  • Sending and receiving text messages;

  • Making and receiving phone calls;

  • Streaming music from the iPhone through to the car’s stereo system.

Of course, some people have obvious safety concerns about such a system but because it is all voice-controlled, it means that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel. Your passenger can also access the system through the car’s touchscreen display if one is fitted.


Apple’s App Store has well over a million different apps on offer for a variety of purposes, and many of them are motoring-related.

For example, there are apps that can connect your iPhone to your car’s diagnostic port (via a Bluetooth adapter) for the purposes of tuning your car’s engine or diagnosing faults, and there are even location-based apps that can help you find the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in your area!


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