Pay Attention While Selecting Your Enterprise Mobility Platform

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Pay Attention While Selecting Your Enterprise Mobility Platform

Though it’s a fact that end users buy Smartphones and tablets for their personal use but most of them want to use their devices at work as well. It’s really a favorable thing for productivity but it also necessitates utmost security. So IT managers across the globe are learning new things every day to take the security level of these devices to the next level. Adopting enterprise mobility program can be of great help for those organizations which encourage BYOD practice. Let’s see how to select an appropriate platform for it.

Include Basic Security

Security of the device should be the very first concern to be considered by an EMM solution. It must be ensured that device-level encryption is there for each and every device to be connected to the network. You must also maintain PIN or password requirement for letting the devices access the data. These things are very basic safety efforts which must be included.

Company App Store

If you don’t have an app store, you are with the majority of the companies. Most of the companies don’t create their app stores. But the minority is getting better results than the majority. Obviously creating an app store pays. You can keep custom built or third party apps. However, the company remains the controller of the store, it can whitelist or blacklist any apps as per its discretion.

Wrapping and Containerization

Today’s technology has made it possible to run apps in an individual container that is to be set up in all employees’ devices. This way of surrounding an app by various policies is way better than the methods that require two separate containers on the devices of the employees. It forces the users to switch between different modes on devices.


Companies can ensure a magnificently smooth environment for devices by grasping utilizations and trends. There are several EMM platforms that offer analytical tools to help companies to remain constantly aware of the employee usage and to make future plans. User engagement would be the best place to commence from.

Timely Adjustments

No business can be run successfully without understanding the changes taking place around IT and adapting according to those changes. Not adapting to state of the art technology means not providing chances of improvement to employees. People love their Smartphone and tabs. They would be more than happy to learn new things to enhance their user experience. So companies need to respect the changes happening around.

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