Samsung vs. Apple – Which Is Best For You?

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Samsung vs. Apple – Which Is Best For You?

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about the tech wars raging across the world. The biggest and best technology companies are in a constant battle to outdo one another. They’ve got a wide range of competing products in all markets. Whether it’s a PC, tablet or smartphone, every company has their alternative.

The two biggest names in the tech wars are South Korea’s Samsung and Apple from the USA. These two companies are dominant in ways that can often be hard to imagine. Samsung accounts for an astounding 17% of Korean GDP. Apple has cash reserves that are somewhere in the region of $18bn. These companies are enormous, and they’re battling each other to be top dog.

They don’t get on with one another, either. A much-publicised battle over patents showed the level of competition between the two companies. To a tech newcomer, this fuss may be baffling. Don’t worry. Here, we’ll look at the products that both Samsung and Apple offer. That way, you’ll know which company is best for you.


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Smartphones – the iPhone vs. the Galaxy

Apple’s iPhone reinvented the market when the company first launched the product. Today, it’s got lots of rivals, including Samsung’s Galaxy. The iPhone has a better design than the Galaxy, looking sleeker and more stylish. The Galaxy has a better screen – a key factor for a touchscreen phone. Their processors are similar, with the Galaxy having the better storage capacity. These differences are marginal, but right now the Samsung is a better option. The new iPhone will be out soon, of course. It might be best to hold fire.


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Tablets – the Tab vs. the iPad

For tablets, the companies both have popular choices. Again, the iPad is the better-designed machine. It also has a fantastic processor. The Tab has better battery life and a fantastic camera. The Tab also comes loaded with lots of extra features that make using it a pleasure. The Android software on the Samsung is great, too. You can get good deals on Android tablets from Insight – the Samsung is fantastic value for money. Again, the Samsung is the right choice. It’s a more innovative machine than the creaky old iPad.


Notebooks – the MacBook vs. the Chromebook

These machines differ from each other to a greater degree than the other models we’ve seen. They may look similar, but one (the MacBook) is a lot more expensive than the other. Of course, that’s because it has a great deal more equipment. You can’t compare these two machines as just machines. If you did, the Apple device would destroy the Samsung. The question you have to ask is whether the superior machine is worth the increase in price. The Chromebook isn’t bad, but it can’t challenge the MacBook.


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In the end, your decisions on these devices may come down to personal preference. Some of us just prefer iOS to Android, and nobody can sway them in the opposite direction. In truth, we’re just lucky to have two amazing companies doing battle in this way. It means we get better products, no matter what.


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