Smart Ways to Protect Your Gadgets

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Smart Ways to Protect Your Gadgets

It’s officially the age of the gadgets. Everyone these days now has at least one device they carry around with them – they’re smartphone. Then there’s iPads, Kindles, games consoles and everything else in between. Our gadgets tend to be one of the most important things in our lives. So, how do we keep them safe? This guide looks at all of the smart ways you can protect your electronics.


There are now dedicated insurance plans that focus solely on covering your gadgets. It used to be that you’d just use your mobile phone provider or home insurance to keep these things covered. Now, you can get insurance for practically every single gadget in your home. Everything from your iPad to your camera can be insured. If you don’t want to fork out for a replacement, then you have to get some kind of gadget insurance.

Write Down Serial Numbers

This ties hand in hand with our insurance point. As soon as you get any new gadget you should write down their serial numbers. You’ll find these on the back of most phones and at the bottom of laptops, iPads and Samsung tablets. Most serial numbers are also printed on the box. Make sure you keep a note of these, in case anything is to go missing. This can help the police track it down if it’s stolen. It’s also useful for the insurance company.


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Cases and Covers

How many times have you scratched, knocked or dropped your gadgets? It happens to us all! If you want to stop them from getting scuffed or broken then you should invest in a case or cover. You can get hard, plastic coverings for phones. Some of which are waterproof. You can buy Kindle Paperwhite cases and protective covers for your tablet’s screen. There is something for nearly every single gadget on the market. Make sure you invest in one that’s been made specifically for your model. This will ensure it fits correctly and keeps your device well protected.

Be Careful Where You Take Them

It’s a good idea to consider whether you need your gadget with you, wherever you go. Most people will take their smartphones with them on holiday, to festivals, and on nights out. These are where most of the accidents happen. Think about buying a cheap phone to take with you on these occasions. And whatever you do, don’t take any iPads on a drunken night out! You’re only asking for trouble.

Keep Them Hidden

If you’re going to be out of the house, then make sure all of your gadgets are hidden away. The same applies when you go to sleep at night. You can buy clever storage solutions which look like ordinary household objects, but are designed to hold your valuables. You can also make this kind of thing yourself. Keep your gadgets hidden away and you’re less likely to have them stolen by thieves.

Avoid Water

Finally, water and technology does not mix. Always make sure you keep your gadgets away from swimming pools, washing machines. And, especially the toilet! Some insurance plans don’t cover water damage either. So it’s a good idea to put preventive measures in place.

These smart tips and tricks will help keep your prized possessions safe. No more forking out for replacements after a silly accident, which could have been easily avoided.



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