Tips And Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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Tips And Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

So you’ve started a blog. Now what? Taking the first steps to setting up a blog might seem like the hardest part, but what about driving traffic to it? You want to have an audience behind you, reading your posts.

Creating a buzz around your blog and driving traffic to it are vital points to consider when you start your first blog. There are a few simple tips that can be useful in the early stages of your blog’s life, so keep reading for the lowdown.


Top Tip 1: Create Content That Readers Want To Read

Your first point of action must be to create some killer content. Planning your blog posts and keeping a journal with all of your ideas is a great way to start. Keep yourself organized and on schedule.

Your blog posts should read well and be free of grammatical errors. This means taking the time to proofread your own work and checking your facts. Readers want quality information and features.

Create a work environment that allows you to be productive. Keeping an organized office will aid your ability to concentrate on blogging.

Try to blog about topics that interest you, as well as those that will grab the attention of others. Think carefully about your title. Does it make people want to click on it? Choose catchy, click-friendly words that will ensure your readers can’t resist clicking and reading what you have to say.

Will your post make others share it? There are various panda recovery options you can check for a guide on what to do. If your readers like the topics you write about, they are sure to pass the information on. If your traffic levels seem low, then you may have been penalized by google. This is a frustrating bust solvable problem.


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Top Tip 2: Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media can drive traffic to your blog. Create a facebook page for your blog and ensure that you post your latest blog posts to this. Gaining shares and likes will mean more traffic for you!

Use websites such as Instagram and Twitter to do the same thing. You could be surprised by some of the interaction that comes from people seeing your posts and sharing them.


Top Tip 3: Tell Your Friends

It might sound cheesy, but tell everyone about your blog! Don’t shy away from your new creation. Word of mouth might just help drive traffic to your blog, and your friends will want to share what you post. Most people are only too happy to help out in the early days.

Get some business cards printed to hand out to people at events. A good design will ensure that they take notice and keep your card for future reference.


Top Tip 4: Use Keywords and SEO 

Brush up on your SEO knowledge and think about using keywords in your posts. What words would people type in to google to find your article? What topics are trending right now? These are all things that could be a real traffic boost when applied correctly. Take note and your blog will grow in no time.



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